We offer Unique Marketing Opportunities

Tap into today’s connected world and engage with your customers through our Social Powered Secured Platforms.

Social WiFi

Are You Currently Giving Away Free Wi-Fi And Getting Nothing In Return?
Bizi Marketing Social WiFi Helps Grow Your Business while Increasing Your Customer Loyalty and Business Revenue

BiZi Wallet

Cutting edge loyalty solution that lives in your customer’s smartphone Mobile Wallet Keeps your customers happy and coming back time and time again!

BiZi Radio

Own your live radio station. Your choice of music. Your news. Your advertisement offers. Coming Shortly.

BiZi Marketing is now integrating Pokemon Go across all its platforms

Keep your customers happy and coming back time and time again!


Proximity Marketing

BiZi WiFi and BiZi Wallet combined are the best proximity marketing solutions available today, creating an instant marketing strategy, which targets consumers through Social Powered Media, Beacons and GPS Proximity Location Alerts

Social Media Integration

Our platforms are fully integrated with Social media in every aspect of your marketing campaigns. This is a great way to leverage the power of social media to increase awareness of your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

"Fusce mauris tellus, faucibus vulputate pellentesque et, rhoncus in nibh. Praesent euismod hendrerit gravida."
Turoe Pet Farm Mary Corcoran
"Implementation of BiZi WiFi and Wallet has helped us better connect with our clients, While increasing customer loyalty"
Timeless Cafe Rossa and Klara
"BiZi Wallet has helped us a lot. At any given time we can see the activity of our customers engagement with our business"
Canine Grooming Sallins Leonie Fahey
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